Monday, July 21, 2008

Saving on coffee creamer

Along the lines of our newest efforts to even further expand our attempts at frugal living I think I'll start sharing the things we do around here that work for us. Our latest experiment is one that really worked well and saved bunches on the grocery bill.

My sweet Hunk O' Honey likes his coffee sweet and blonde (like me when we met LOL) so coffee creamer and lots of sugar are a necessity to his way of thinking. He especially loves the flavored liquid coffee creamers but as far as I am concerned for what those companies charge for them they should have some sort of nutrition to them at least and fewer (or NO) chemical additives. So in an effort to create a workable solution without fuss or extra expense I looked up several recipes online and then tinkered with them until we found one that we like. I'll share the basics and then you can think up your own ways to personalize the flavors you like.

Homemade Flavored Coffee Cream
1 can sweetened condensed milk
2-4 cups milk ( we use 3 cups of powdered milk reconsitituted)
flavorings of your choice

Mix all ingredients together in a container and refrigerate. For flavorings we have used cinnamon and vanilla, and on my test batch I used some cocoa powder that I made a syrup out of before blending into the rest of the stuff so it wouldn't clump up.

See how easy that was??!!! And unless you use flavored syrups such as the kind used to flavor coffees or something like that in yours there are no nasty chemical additives!! It doesn't give your coffee that artificial almost fluorescent light glow that you get from the store bought stuff but if you can live without that then this is the stuff for you to try! Enjoy the little things in life..... as long as they're cheap.


angela d said...

This sounds great! Where do you get the flavoring from? Like where in the store?
~Sis. Angela

Jeannie said...

For artificial flavoring syrups look in the coffee aisle... usually on the top shelf above the cheap coffee, or somewhere near there. I would use those sparingly as some of them have a serious after taste, or make sure you use one that you already are familiar with.

You can also use the syrups for flavoring milk... choc, strawberry etc. We have used the extracts like you find in the spice section for baking with and those are wonderful little "extras" and very cheap because you use them in terms of drops instead of tablespoons.If you really want to be a tightwad you can use homemade sweetened condensed milk.

We're still experimenting with flavors, but so far my favorite is the vanilla and cinnamon with just a smidge of dried orange peel. My kids used to think I was crazy for making them save their orange peels;-)