Friday, December 16, 2005

clutter clutter clutter

AAARRRRGGGGGG! I can just never get to what I'm trying to reach on the closet shelves or in the cabinets or anywhere. My house is one long series of piles of stuff that I don't have anywhere to go with. For awhile I kept telling myself I just needed a bigger house (which I do) but I have come to the conclusion (since we have had several much larger homes) that I just really need to get rid of a bunch of clutter. My husband is a pack rat...he knows I love him, I just really really wish that he would throw things away. He even keeps old grocery receipts! So my year's end project is to start decluttering my house and trying to find ways to get more organized. Life just flows much more smoothly when someone isn't forever shouting about not being able to find whatever it is they need without a 30 minute safari through the dark recesses of the closet of the person with the fewest clothes....or a 20 minute hike through the clutter mountain in the corner of my room.

Part of the problem is just that we have moved so many times in the last few years that we never even had a chance to stop and sort. It was more like stop, unload the truck, unpack on the necessary stuff, repack and add all the newly aquired stuff, load the truck and move again....repeat every 6 months or so. It didn't help anything that I was so sick so much of the time and just not up to doing all that sorting and tossing and clearing now I need to just dive in and spend every spare minute (insert hysterical laughter) trying to get our lives into some sort of order.

The kids may not like me when I'm done. (said in the tone of Bruce Banner as he turns green and starts to change into the Hulk)


Stephanie said...

HAHAHAHAAHA! I am doing the same thing! So that when we move we will have less junk to haul. Sad thing is...we are BOTH pack rats, I just get stuck cleanin' it up.

Angela D. said...

I love the 30 min. safari reference! Haa-Haa That's been here before. Right now we are "excavating" the boys room closet for the 5th time in the last year and a half.
Have a great Christmas year(let the joy continue all year, babe)
Love ya

Angela D. said...

I loved your 30min safari reference! We've been on one of those before. haa-haa Also, we're in the process of "excavating" the boys room closet for like the 5th time in the last year and a half. Enjoy your Christmas Year (why not let the joy continue all year, babe)
Love ya,