Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Special blessings and a few odds and ends

Well, my Saturday night prayers were answered on Sunday! We had a missionary visiting who preached the Sunday school hour and our pastor preached great messages for both of the other services. I can remember back when I was a little girl hearing the kind of preaching I hear now through open windows and thinking "why on earth do those people sit there and have someone to shout at them all the time" ....well now I know. It is like a special kind of vitamin that one absolutely has to have; to go to church and hear a really good hard preached message....it makes your soul just sigh with relief and your spirit gets a chance to stretch and grow.

My family and I were blessed to go to lunch with the young missionary and his wife after the morning service. They are such a sweet couple, only married six months and out on deputation. It really was encouraging to hear more about his plans and his passion for lost souls. It was so funny too because he was saying a lot of what I had been blogging on Saturday night (the wee hours of Sunday morning actually). He was saying that so few churches are preaching the truth that the younger generations have already written off anything church related as being counterfit. His wife was a real blessing too, what a sweet young woman and how brave she is to be willing to start her married life off the way that they have to do the work of the Lord. We all seemed to have so much in common that it ended up feeling more like having lunch with old friends that with new ones.....what a blessing! It was an extra special blessing too that Troy had such a good time...a year ago I doubt that he would even have taken the time to say hello to them let alone get to know them and spend an entire afternoon visiting with them.

There have been so many things going on with our church and spiritual growth lately that I have ended up getting a couple of emails wanting to know what else is going on with us. Well, the truth is not a lot. The kids are great (as usual), still working on school though we are going to have to set everything else aside completely after Christmas is over and really hit the books. I can't get over how much they have grown and how it keeps on catching me by surprise when they do. Tae is turning into a sweet and wonderful young lady with a heart that is truly after the things of the Lord. It has already cost her dearly in terms of relationships with some people that she loved very much but that hasn't slowed her down at all. Jared is still just growing like a weed, getting all kinds of leggy and long. He doesn't look much like the round faced baby that Tae used to sneak candy to all the time but he still has that sweet surprised expression more times than not. He is watching all the preachers around him and trying to glean all that he can from them and waiting on the Lord for more direction about his own preaching. Caleb is getting too big for me to carry (had to happen someday right) and trying hard to overcome all the deficits that public school left him with. He is really a wonderful son, I love to eavesdrop when he prays....it's so sweet!! He is always always asking the Lord to send out more missionaries, he will stand in front of the world map in his room pointing to a place and ask the Lord 'please send one there'. He has been asking me if he can fast and pray for a friend of his who has been sick and has had a hard time.....I've really struggled with that one but maybe he could have a 'Daniel' fast rather than an 'Esther' fast so that his little growing body still gets most of what it needs, he really doesn't have a lot to spare. I'm proud of all of my kids, they all have such tender hearts and they love the Lord...what more can I ask for? It really blesses me to see how sweetly they sing at church. They have been such an encouragement to me to keep on singing myself even though it terrifies me and I'm horrible at it.

Troy is still working for the Waddells, he still really likes the work he is doing though there are still absolutely no benefits at all. The pay is better than a lot of the jobs he has had but at the same time it is contract work so there are times when there just isn't enough work and this month is one of those times. Not having any holiday pay on top of not having enough work makes for really skimpy holidays, there's just nothing like loosing money so your boss can have a nice long holiday break with his family. Okay that's enough of my little rant now. Troy works hard and does a good job and I believe that he is worth a lot more than what he is getting. Our bills get paid and we have what we need so I don't need to undermine all that he does for us. Especially after the Christmas that we had last year I just can't complain at all about this year!! We are all together in a warm home with food in the pantry and freezer, we are all healthy and happy and so very blessed! (one tiny little whine.....I just wish I could do more for the kids)

Me? I'm better than I have ever been! I stay busy for sure and I love my life now.....I sure couldn't have said that before now and anyone of you who have known me for awhile know that's nothing but the truth. This has been a great year for us and we've all learned so much! I keep trying to think of what kind of new year resolutions to make and I can't think of any.....no that doesn't mean that I'm perfect or that I've got all I want or any such junk, just that I'm truly content with my life and the thought of making myself a promise to do something this year to change it scares me. I think I'll just leave it all in God's hands, He's doing a fantastic job and I don't want to get in His way!

I'm going to have to try to get some pictures done somehow and put some on here so I stop getting emails from people wanting to see pics. Yes we all look very different, you will just have to be patient! I'll post more soon.

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Jeannie said...

I know what it is like to want to be able to give your kids more. I got to thinking about it and you know, it's not what I got for Christmas that I remember the most. The memories from my childhood are: picnics by the lake each weekend, fishing with my mom & dad, and going to McDonald's for breakfast before heading down to see Grandma, just to name a few. The best thing I can give my children are sweet memories of our family together, serving the Lord. I cherish those times I spent with my family more than anything else that I ever got.
Memories are priceless. (They can cost nothing to create, and be worth millions after they're created.)