Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Throw it away!

This has become the most commonly heard thing around my house lately. I'm still hard at work on my decluttering mission and making great progress despite the nasty virus that is attacking my family. Yesterday I got through the boys' closet and under their bed and finished up their dressers. Taeler finished up most of her room but we still need to get to the closet. Troy and I have been working on our closet and I'm just so tired of sifting through STUFF! Most of it we don't need or use or even particularly want ....it has just been hanging around so long that one or the other of us has grown attached so these days I'm forever shouting through the house to someone.....JUST THROW IT AWAY. Actually I think my trash man may go on strike after the last couple of visits to my house....poor fella.

I've also been trying to throw away some old attitudes and thought patterns of mine. I figured that I could clean up in my noggin too while I'm sorting and shifting things around the house. I have a tendency to be kind of negative in my thoughts, rarely does it ever come out of my mouth but I can see how it could be a root for ugliness to grow from and be a stumbling block for me later. So while I'm doing all this sorting and cleaning and such I'm wandering around forcing positive thoughts into my head. Instead of "silly child why on earth do you need to have a shoe box full of empty gum wrappers stuffed in the back of your closet ....grump grump grump" I am making myself think "those pieces of paper had such pretty colors I bet you thought you could make something cool out of them" not a real example just an example.

I guess Troy felt left out or something with all of the decluttering so last night he got 4 boxes of stuff out of the closet and threw away all but one! I'm so glad he's finally getting rid of that junk! It has been a sore spot between us for years because of some of the things he has kept and carried along with us all this time. When he was finished he came in and said it felt really good to unload that stuff........positive thoughts positive thoughts. See how nicely that works!

Now if we can just throw away this cold or virus or whatever it is that is making us all full of snot and ucky stuff!

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Stephanie said...

the virus left my house and came to yours! i am sorry!