Thursday, September 21, 2006

Blessings in the Bible

As we continue through the Bible (though much more slowly than what I had initially planned) I can't help but feel so very very blessed and there are many times during our school days now that the kids and I will just sit and shout with tears in our eyes as we see again and again just how clearly every single word, event and ceremony given in scripture points the way to God's mercy and love for us!

We are in Leviticus now ( I know I know...this is taking so long and we are going slow) and there is just so much to learn and to appreciate about the deep deep love that God shows his people. We got stuck again, as we tend to do when we hit things that we find particularly interesting. It is awesome timing to get stuck though.....we got stuck on the feasts and tomorrow evening begins Rosh Hashanah or the feast of Trumpets. You can read about it and all of the other wonderful feasts given us by the Lord on an awesome website

I won't bog anyone down right now with my inability to appropriately explain such a wonderful and full celebration of God's love for His people but we are preparing for our own families observance of this special day. We have a special meal planned and Taeler and I will be baking the challah tomorrow and making sure that our home is nice and clean for our rest and time to feast and pray.

One of the traditions of the holiday is that we search within our selves to make amends for those things done wrong and repent of the sins committed in the past year (Rosh Hashanah is the jewish new year) that begins tonight. Friday evening as the sun sets we will light special candles and give our blessings to one another and pray together as a family to seek God's will for us in the coming year. Then we have a special meal planned that will begin with dipping the challah and apples in honey.....this is a symbol of the sweetness of the year to come. We will be avoiding any sour or bitter foods to help remind us to keep bitterness out of our hearts and minds in the year ahead. There is much much more that we have planned but not in the hectic way of the common celebrations that we see with our culture's Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

In fact the more that I study the holidays/feasts/fasts given in scripture and see the depth and richness of the way that God planned those things for us the more I feel robbed that I was taught to celebrate in such fleshly and hurried and ugly ways as I was. Troy and I had such a wonderful conversation last night at bedtime about the intimacy that goes missing with the celebrations that we've always known compared to the sweet fellowship and prayerful worship of the biblical holidays. I'm so thankful for all that we are learning and can't wait to study even more!! Please do read more about the biblical holidays.....I'm not saying that you should go out and buy a book necessarily but there is such a richness in learning these things from scripture....I know it has really been a blessing to us.

And since I won't have time to post again......HAVE A SWEET AND BLESSED NEW YEAR!


angela d said...

Here's praying that you had a very nice celebration and that your New Year will be sweet! The Lord has been so faithful to sustain me during the rough spots of the recent months, He is still so sweet! Your family has been such a blessing to me! Thank you for sharing with me the things that the Lord has let you see in HIS word!
Happy belated Rosh Hashana!

Jammy said...

Wow, God's word is honey in our mouths. I think going slowly and absorbing as much as possible is terrific!


Jeannie said...

Hi Angela! We did have a wonderful celebration. Just in the preparations we were so tearfully thankful reflecting on the ways that we have seen God's grace at work in our lives and the lives of the folks we have come to love so much like you and your bunch!!

Hi Jenn...nice to E ya! I had originally intended to zoom through the Bible within a month or two and then turn back for more careful study but we just haven't been able to do it that way. It has been totally amazing what the Lord has shown not only me but the kids from our slow and steady study of God's word. Love your blog btw!

Blessings in Bible said...

I felt indeed blessed. Especially that I manage to visit this blog and feel again how blessed we are.

By the way, I like the title of your blog - Paid in Full!