Friday, September 29, 2006

Clinging to the cross

Good Morning! In my quiet time this morning I was just thanking the Lord for where He has brought me from and thanking Him for having given me the strength to cling to the cross during those times when I just honestly had no idea what else to do. I am so blessed to have experienced such tremendous grace in my life and I can't help but overflow when I stop to think on it for very long at all. I was such a wicked and horrible person before I got saved....I can't even bear to think of some of the things that I've done in my past it hurts me unbelievably to know that I am responsible for such awful things! There truly couldn't have been a more undeserving person to have received such a precious and wonderful gift as the love of Jesus as I am but He loves me anyway and under grace my guilt is gone!

I stumbled across the picture I've posted this morning and thought I would share it here. I noticed a couple of things in it that just really touched me. First off the woman in the picture is on a higher place than where she started out and she is obviously clinging to the cross but she is perched on that high place in such a way that she won't fall as long as she is holding on. I know that after climbing all the rocky and brush filled crooked paths that I've climbed I'm so thankful that I can know that as long as I hold on to the cross I'm safe and that God gives me the grace to hang on. I also noticed at the bottom of the picture that there is a hand coming up towards the she being pursued? her past trying to pull her back down? she clinging to that cross so fiercely to fight the temptation to turn back to lost loved ones? I know that in my life there is always someone or something trying to persuade me to let go of the cross if only for a moment....but then again, that's all it would take to fall.

Just some of my early morning ramblings I thought I'd share! Have a wonderful and blessed day!

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