Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I'm overflowing again

Mrs. Willie used to tell me way back when I was just a baby Christian that all those tears I cry when I'm just really really enjoying the blessings of the Lord and my fellowship with Him were the "joy unspeakable" and that it actually expands within us (if we'll let it) and overflows by way of tears and shouts. I sure am glad that I got that explained when I was a young Christian or I would have spent all these years thinking that there was something seriously wrong with me....(other than those obvious and glaring abnormal normalities of mine ;-)

The Lord has just been so good to us that I can't help but praise Him and sometimes the joy of it all just washes over me all of a sudden. There is no way to describe it other than to say it feels like being absolutely drenched in love and mercy with a huge infusion of grace!! Even those words just seem too cheap to use but they are sadly all I've got. Today isn't any kind of 'special' day and there isn't anything spectacular or wonderful happening...it's pretty much just a plain old Tuesday... But GOD LOVES ME!!! I guess that just tops it all huh?!!!

I'm just so thrilled to know that someday I'll live with my Lord forever and that NOTHING AND NO ONE can take that from me!! Just now I don't have a single other thing to talk about.....just that I am blessed beyond all measure!!

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