Monday, October 30, 2006

Busy days

This will have to be a short post but I wanted to update since so many of you folks back home check up on us here. Caleb had an emergency appendectomy on Friday morning around 1:00. He is doing fine...a bit sore but fine. He started feeling kind of bad on Tuesday but was still playing and eating with no problems so we took a wait and watch stance (like I always do rather than pay someone at the hospital or doc's office to do it).

By Wednesday morning he was fairly uncomfortable and I knew then that it was his appendix just by the way he was describing the pain and how he felt. We decided after praying for God's guidance to keep him at home and watch him carefully for the next 24 hours since so often now the hospitals want to admit kids for a 24 hour observation period just to confirm a case of appendicitis before surgery....Caleb would have been purely miserable sitting in a hospital for 24 hours on a clear liquid diet with people poking at him checking on him every so often.

Thursday morning Caleb still felt really "icky" and his belly was as tender as ever so we started praying in ernest for the Lord's leading on where to take him for good medical care. We tend to be extra cautious about where we go for medical care since we have had some really ugly encounters with medical folks over what we believe about immunizations and homeschooling etc. We ended up taking him to a hospital fairly close to home and he received good care and we didn't feel like we were too under the microscope, though I did have to answer the immunizations questions a few too many times. Anyway, we got him into the ER around 1:30 in the afternoon and after all of their tests were done they paged the surgeon on call and the surgery went off without a hitch at 1:00 Friday morning.

Caleb is sore but that is to be expected. His biggest problem right now is keeping himself from laughing. Of all of the things that could hurt him right now that seems to be the one thing he can't avoid and it sneaks up on him. He is learning to hold his tummy with a pillow but he forgets ....then he laughs....then he gets all teary because it hurts to laugh. Poor kid!

I hope to post a bit more soon but that's all for now.

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Michelle said...

Wow...Sure will be praying he feels better..