Thursday, February 01, 2007

An Inch of Snow

All morning long I have watched the news and laughed my tail off. Because of an inch of snow ....literally an inch of snow, not ice, not freezing rain, just plain old white fluffy wet snow ... the entire section of this state has gone into "oh no it's an emergency" mode! For reasons that I just can't seem to understand cars are off in ditches in some places near us and schools are closing and courts are cancelling session and doctors and dentists are closing their offices! The kids back home would all just have shouting fits and run laps for days if they could take the day off school every time there was a sprinkle of snow. My kids even joined in the winter spirit of things here today and we called a snowday just to join in the fun. Seriously, I'm not kidding things closed right and left out here over an INCH OF SNOW!

In the spirit of our first snow day in two years I decided to take a few pictures even, just to show y'all back home that it's all over AN INCH OF SNOW! I'm sure these sweet folks from this part of the country have their reasons but it's lost on me ....... I just keep on laughing at the news people and their warnings and advisories and general panic the public attitudes while on air because ...... well, sheeshawowie y'all it's AN INCH OF SNOW! We might even be almost a little disappointed because you just can't build a decent snowman or sled or have a good snowball fight or even make a batch of snowcream on just AN INCH OF SNOW! But I guess if nothing else it's good for a laugh or two.

Just like a boy huh. The first thing they think to do is throw it .....unfortunately for him I happen to be a wayyyy better snowball thrower. Still, it's a great picture of my handsome little feller trying to act goofy on the closest thing to a real winter day that he's seen in two years.
For someone who whined about it he sure is having a great time getting covered in the snow/rain/slush that passes for "severe winter weather" out here.

Poor Fred, she is trying so hard to get that thing to look like a snowman but...well, you see it. There was a bit more snow before it started raining but it sure didn't last long, and definitely not long enough to make a snowman out of it. I think poor little Fred is just thankful that it snowed and they got to declare a "snowday" from school to go play in the temporary winter. I didn't think to ask her what she named her little snowperson but I'm guessing that it will not really live long enough to matter....... maybe I should start preparing a little snowperson grave stone in memoriam?

Now we know for sure that the kids really really really missed having snow. Caleb woke me up this morning with an ear to ear grin holding a cup of coffee out to me whispering "it's snowing" with his voice so full of excitement that the coffee sloshed around the cup to bubble over along with his cute little boy happiness. I hadn't even been in an upright position for a full minute when the chorus of "can we go outside" began. Needless to say I did let them go out and play in the mushy stuff ..... I guess now I need to stop blogging and go make some hot cocoa and help them warm up some.

I wonder if Caleb really thought that there was enough snow to use a trash can lid to sled down that little pile of dirt? Poor guy, he didn't stand a chance. The snow didn't last fact I'm pretty sure that it's mostly gone already ....... after all y'all, it was only AN INCH OF SNOW.

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Michelle said...

Wow..Looks like the kids had a fun time..We also had snow today but by the time the kids got out of school it was all melted and it was raining..My kids want to play in the snow so bad..