Saturday, April 14, 2007

Getting started

With all of the new projects going on around here and all of the other 'not quite started yet' projects waiting in the wings I never know where to start. The bees, always the bees ... this time last year it was the chickens always or the garden. Those two topics are still right on the front porch of my mind all the time but they share it with the bees, and school, and the kids' new business endeavors, and the dogs and learning to be a good wife to my sweet hubby, and keeping this house clean within the bounds of reason. I have plenty to keep busy with these days that's for sure.

Now add to that my hubby's new "suggestion" that I start writing again. He has pushed me constantly been such an encouragement over the years in my writing. I used to write all the time, some things I sold some things I kept only to myself and some things were just for the pleasure and enjoyment of my family. Once upon a time I even wrote a tiny portion of a criminoloy /victimology curriculum for a state university ....that didn't pay as much as some would thing but it was really cool to get that letter saying that my piece was accepted. For the last three years other than email and this blog my keyboard has been silent. I guess my hubby misses the late night tapping noises and quietly uttered groans that birthed all of my stories, poems and other junk. He has asked me to please start writing again. He even enjoys my blog and reads it often. I want to please him, really I do .... I just don't feel the writing bug that used to cause me to sit and just alternately type and sigh with frustration that I just couldn't type any faster. Honestly, I just don't know where to start.... what to write about, what to do with it once I've written it or when I will find the time to write anything at all. (I'm open for suggestions y'all!!)

In other news ..... (I love saying that but I have no idea why). The kids bees all look good, I think that late freeze may have set back the honey crop by a week or two but all in all they look good. The kids are considering the name 'Happy Homestead Honey Farm' for their beekeeping business. I'm still just trying so hard not to freak out about the fact that WE HAVE 120,000 BEES IN MY BACKYARD!! The kids are doing great with the bees though and have so many ideas for using and selling the harvest of their hives that I'm thoroughly impressed and so is their daddy (I think he's about to bust sometimes). Whatever the end result is, we are all highly addicted to the taste of the freshly capped honey straight from the hive!

The kids 'other' business with be opening very soon. I think they have decided on the name 'Thompson's Talents' for their "web store". They were all reading in Matthew and got to the parable of the talents and decided that was the name that they wanted. They seem really excited about it. Their initial offerings will be some clothing, maybe books, seasoning mixes, coffee mixes, homemade grain honey mustard, and as time goes on they will add bath salts, soaps, lotion bars, lip balms, honey and if their daddy gets his way at least one recipe book from their momma. They hope to do some gift baskets and things like that too since that will give Fred the outlet to 'make things pretty' that she seems to need (poor baby stuck in a housefull of sloppy redneck hillbillies). If everything goes as planned they will be open sometime this week so watch this blog for the announcement. It's amazing what my kids have done with their own ingenuity and the paltry amount of 'seed money' that their daddy gave them. What's more amazing is their deep conviction that 'they' have to be the ones to earn their way and as much on their own as possible. It all just makes a momma's heart swell a little ya know?

Anyway....enough of that for now. This momma has dogs to groom, gardening to get done, a mound of laundry that we never find the bottom of, lunch to cook, chickens to feed, bees to get chased by and eventually things that require me to leave home for a portion of the day. I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!!

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