Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wow, we sure didn't expect this!

The kids are doing so well with their store that we just can't believe it!!! They are nearly out of a lot of the product that they had stocked and will be sitting down soon to re-order some supplies to re-stock the "store". I'm so proud of how well they have handled their business and how well they get along with each other doing it! They never expected this to go so well and though I hate to admit it neither did I.

The kids have made enough money so far to purchase the rest of the bee equipment they will need to get through the rest of the summer now and since a lot of the stuff they needed are things that will carry over through several seasons of beekeeping we are thrilled! The goal as soon as those items are purchased is to buy the equipment needed to harvest the fall honey crop and get the hives ready to winter over. If you can believe it my sweet little business minded kiddos even have a goal beyond that ....... to buy the equipment needed to increase the hives next spring. They can't wait until they have enough hives to start setting out pollination contracts in addition to the harvests of honey, bee pollen, royal jelly and propolis. I hope I have the energy to keep up with them!!! Troy keeps on teasing them about giving me a salary for all the work they cause me with their business ventures.... I think I'll hold off on that at least until I end up having to chauffer them to drop hives in fields and tote them to farmer's markets and such to sell their honey and so on.

I just about cracked up yesterday afternoon when I kept overhearing them argue about some product that is "in development". That just isn't something most parents hear their children say with any kind of serious note to it at all. Apparently the kids have been brewing up new ideas for products to add to their store and are only waiting for the next chance they have to test their ideas out. Taeler has been helping me to work on some natural cleaning formulas because I'm just sick of the chemical load that it takes to clean a house and vinegar and baking soda give me no joy. The "in development " product line apparently involves some of Fred's ideas along those lines.

Every day my kids just make me say WOW. Now, if they will only apply themselves to their schoolwork with this kind of fervor I'll shout WOW from my roof top!


angela d said...

Hey, that is school work--science (developing a new cleaning product), math (counting up all those $$$), Economics (which is a high school course), and the club- Junior Achievers!
I'm sure a lot of prayer is involved so that God will bless their efforts!
You guys are such an inspiration!
Love ya,
Sis. Angela

Michelle said...

That is really great about there store and selling there products..