Monday, September 10, 2007


My friend Mindy sent me the link to this video and I just had to share it here. I know that for some it is way over the top, and it isn't my aim or intention to offend anyone. The point of the video is so well stated at the end though. We should be willing to die to self and to die for Jesus if necessary. So many of us though live our lives from day to day watching folks like the "bad guy" in the video walk on by on their way to hell for eternity and we are unwilling to tell them about Jesus. The reasons are as many and as varied as we are individual but if were are really ready to die for Jesus, or to die to self, wouldn't we be more able to set aside the silly differences that we have within the brethren? Wouldn't we be more able to withstand the "embarrasment" of telling a stranger about a Saviour who loves them? This video really made us just take a minute and think about so much.... so are you ready?

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