Wednesday, October 31, 2007

always running behind

I know I haven't posted in forever.... haven't y'all figured out yet that I'm always behind and so far behind that I'll spend the rest of my life trying to get caught up! There have been busy spells since I last posted during one of those we were able to be in several revival meetings and wonderful fellowship meetings at other churches in our area and it was such a tremendous blessing just to go in and fellowship with the Lord's people and pull up a seat and just feast on His word! It made for a couple of super busy weeks where things at home got farther behind but it was well worth it.

We're busy now trying to get ready for winter. With a few nights down in the 30's and no oil to run the furnace with we are doing everything we can to try and make it easier to stay warm in this house. I got a big roll of plastic and for the first time since the kids were babies we are going "hillbilly" and putting plastic on the windows. Troy and the boys have been looking on the back lot for trees that we can cull out and use for firewood too. I'm praying for a warmer than average winter, the news keeps on reporting that heating oil is going to be at an all time high.... so NOT what we needed to hear!

In our efforts to get ready for winter we are also trying to get everything ready for all the critters to stay as warm and healthy as possible through the cold months. The chickens need another house built, the bunnies need a couple of cages put up and cloth wrapped over the sides and back to block the wind and the bees needed a better spot to be in where they could get more light. Well, we are working on the chicken shelter and the bunnies.

This morning we ran out to try to move the bees and almost panicked over how crabby those bees were! I've never seen the bees react to us the way they did today..... even now they are still angrily buzzing all around the house as if they are out there just daring us to try to come outside! Everyone but me got stung, Taeler got several stings and Jared got one on his ear.... Caleb thought he was in the clear until he went out to water the chickens and got stung on the chin and one time in his hair. I hope I don't get stung!!! The Lord has been so sweet to allow me to go this long with no stings and it has truly been an answer to prayers.... bee stings make me sick and with the NCS a sting could send me into a period of fainting spells and illness that I just really don't want to deal with.

The other news in our family is that my mom is coming to visit! We have been feverishly cleaning and sorting and de-cluttering the house to try to make it company ready. Secretly I've been in terrible fear that mom will show up and be so disgusted by my house that she refuses to stay. My baby brother is also coming and possibly my oldest son too. I'm so excited! I haven't seen my family in almost 3 years so this is great news.

Anyway, I'm off to get back to work. Hopefully I'll get more of a chance to post soon.

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