Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm terrible

I know I am just awful for going so long without posting, I am trying to do better but things are really just crazy busy around here. The last few weeks have heralded the now infamous visit from my mom and baby brother, our family trying very hard to pick up some extra work to help make those ends meet, the new and constant effort to keep enough wood cut/split/stacked to keep the house warm, the birth of another litter of bunnies with a few more litters due soon, a last ditch desperate effort to keep the garden producing despite the cold, and the most recent series of disasters that cost the kids nearly ALL of their investment in the 2 rare breeds of chicks they were trying so hard to raise with their own money and effort. Please pardon the run on sentence, I trust that most of you can make some sort of sense out of it anyway.

I will try to post more later on but for right now that little tidbit is all I really have time for, the kids and I have got errands to run, supper to prepare, chores to do, and evening service at church to get ready for. I hope you are all having a wonderful and blessed week and will be patient with me for just a bit longer!!

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