Friday, December 21, 2007

Count your blessings... Part 2

Thank you all so much for COUNTING YOUR BLESSINGS. I've gotten so many emails that I still haven't had time to read them all through! I'll post a couple of the emails that I got now and hopefully I will be able to find the time to put the rest of them up later on today (after I do all of my errands and chores). I'm so happy to read the blessings that the Lord has been pouring out on His people!!!

First, I'll copy and paste the email from my sweet friend Miss Willie. I was so glad to get the email from her, she is one of my oldest and dearest friends back home and clearly remembers living next door to me when our sweet little Fred child was in diapers! I wish I had time for editing but today is busy so here you go.
Oh dearest Jeannie,
Reading today that you are counting your blessings is a blessing itself. So many times during the Christmastime season people get down and blue over what they can't do or can't have or can't receive and it's terrible but it makes me mad. Tell the children that Psalm 84 is one of my favorite places to read too and that it, just like the rest of God's Word Will Never Fail! I have plenty of pies to bake and am helping the rest of the ladies today with the packages for the shut ins here so I have to get busy and tell you my blessings.

I am blessed and so thankful that I lived long enough after my own salvation to see every member of my family with the exception of one sister who thinks I am crazy get saved themselves. To me it was better and even sweeter than seeing my grandchildren born to see the people I love so dearly come to the cross and claim the promise of salvation for themselves.

I am blessed and thankful that the Lord has given me a good husband and that we are both still healthy despite being in our old age. My man is 85 this year and thank the Lord he is still able to bail his own hay and tend the cattle at the farm.

I am blessed and thankful that I have so many people to love and care for in my life. I have a family that by today's standards is very large and now that my oldest is back in this state we are all , except one grandson who is serving the Lord in Africa, within a half days drive of one another. I also have so many friends to thank the Lord for who have been such wonderful blessings to me over the years. The ones I am closest to that you always called the little old lady brigade come to mind as we have all served the Lord together for so many years now, from the time our own children were young to now in hard times and times when the crops were big we made sure we came together as often as possible to do something for the Lord. That ability to serve hand in hand with family and friends is one of my greatest blessings.

I am blessed and thankful for my home and for my home town. It's been such joy over the years now to see the Lord continue to work in this little place but bittersweet to see how many continue to deny him. Please keep praying for our mayor, you know he still needs the Lord. But also I think of your husband's family here and how badly they need to get close to the Lord. I know how much you used to love this little place and how much it hurt you to leave here but please keep praying for our little town Jeannie.

I am blessed and thankful to know a good number of new Christians and what a blessing to ssee them growing in the Lord! I can think of few things in life that are finer than being a part of a new Christians life.

I am blessed and thankful that I have what I need and that I know that the Lord will continue to provide for my needs every day. Remember that what we need is not the same as what we always want, you know yourself that sometimes people really do need a swift kick in the seat the same way a rebellious child will need the occasional swat on the backside. Life can't always be chocolate and roses but like I've always told you, somtimes there is pie.

My time to sit still today is nearly goen. You know how busy we stay and I have so much baking to do so I can't write much more. I am really thankful that the ice has melted and it's a bit warmer now. I worry so about the old ones and the ill ones here with that horrible weather. I am thankful for you dear Jeannie and how I've seen you growing over the time I've known you and I'm thankful that you've continued to raise your children in the Lord. I'm thankful that our God is gracious and loveing and kind and will give us second chances when we need them too. I'm thankful that you and Troy have surrendered your family to the care of the Only One who can take care of you.

I have to go get my pies working and finish the candys. Much love to the children from us and be kind to yourself for a change.


Here is another one from my friend back home ..... Mindy.

hey jeannie
i don't know why but i'm always scared to leave comments on your blog. we are all doing good and the kids say hi. i wish you were here or i was there but i guess the Lord has us where we are for a reason.
i'm thankful for being saved and for the changes i see in my life now. our preacher says growing hurts sometimes and we should be thankful for it anyway. it hasn't all hurt though and i can honestly say i've never been happier than i am now. please pray that aaron will get saved soon.
i'm thankful that the kids are growing and healthy and smart. michelle and evan are both reading everything they can get to and dwayne is talking up a storm.
i'm thankful for my church and don't know how i could get by from day to day without a good place to worship the Lord and good fellowship.
i'm thankful for my mom getting saved. she says please send more tapes. she is going to church with me all the time now too and seems to be really happy for the first time since i was a kid.
i'm thankful for the Lord helping me when things are hard for me to do. it's awesome how when you don't think you can do something that you know you have to do how you just get the grace you need.
love you, tell everyone hi,


That's all I will put up right now, but please don't forget to count your blessings too!!!! Have a wonderful day.


Taeler said...

I'm thankful for a warm house, a warm bed, my clothes and shoes that fit and are comfortable.

I'm thankful that my family loves me and loves the Lord.

I'm thankful for all of my critters and for friendly neighbors.

I'm thankful that I"m free to read my bible whenever and however I want to. I'm thankful for my church that wants to honor and glorify the Lord in all that they do.

I'm thankful for all the opportunities that I have to learn so many different things, in homeschool and because I have that freedom.

I'm thankful that God hears our prayers, just to know that He hears me blows me away.

I'm thankful that God takes the time to hear me and that He cares about me.

I'm always thankful for my salvation, there is NO gift that's greater than that.

That's all for right now, I have more but it's late.

Lisa said...

Thank you for the sweet comment on A place to land and please visit anytime.I enjoyed your post and I am so thankful this small square would not begin to hold it all.God Bless you and your family with a very Merry Christmas!

Jodi said...

Jeannie ~ How wonderful to come over here and see hearts overflowing with thankfulness. The abundance of God's blessings never ceases to amaze me!

Thank you so much for commenting at the Domain. It is delightful to think another family might take something away from our Jesus Birthday Celebration and incorporate it (in part or whole) into their home. It will be like joining hearts in worship! Merry Christmas to you and your dear ones.

Blessings ~

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I'm thankful that I'm nearly finished with nursing school now and that soon I'll be able to be a help to people who are sick or hurting. I'm thankful that the Lord has allowed me to pursue an education in a field that I love. I'm thankful for my family and friends and my home and my church. And I'm thankful for a place where I can say why I'm thankful.