Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Don't ya just hate it....

When you have tried and tried to fight it and you end up sick anyway? Me and Fred have been fighting the latest virus going around for so long and we thought we had it beat. Until last night when I started running a fever and feeling like I was hit by a train. Hopefully though since I've been doing everything I can to fight this stuff off I will have beefed up my immune system enough to handle this better than I normally do! I hate being sick, especially when we have so much to do around here and my time at home seems so limited!

Fred and I had big soap making plans that have now been postponed and trimmed down to accomodate the two of us feeling so yucky. We did manage to make a small sampler batch of our newest creation.... Silk and Honey bars!! We have been playing around with adding silk fibers to our soaps and the batch we tried out we also tried our first stab at hot process soaping. We got so excited to see the saponification process happening so quickly that we totally forgot to add any scent to the soap at all so it's unscented. That's okay too though since we have a special friend who doesn't handle scents so well!

Hopefully we will both get over this virus soon and make lots and lots of soap. We would probably be making more right now but we are out of oils and I feel too yucky to stand and blend it right now. As soon as I am well enough to go to the store look out! There are some really cool benefits to doing the hot process soaps too, like you don't have to wait three weeks to use the soap.... perfect for impatient people like me. I have the oils infusing now for a new batch of eczema soap and oils infusing to make a silk soap with rosemary and spearmint and lemon. The only big drawback to hot process in the crock pot is that I have to do really tiny batches. We'll probably try in the mold in the oven hot process soon to get around that.

Well, I'm off to lay down.... letters are beginning to swim on the screen a bit. See ya.

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Michelle said...

I am sure praying that you both feel better..