Friday, January 18, 2008

And she went and did it anyway!

I told that girl that she was NOT allowed to have any more birthdays. I told her that she was to forever remain 14 years old, period and that was that. I told her that there was just NO WAY that I could possibly endure watching both of my baby girls turn into women no matter what she said.(nevermind the fact that the other baby girl is turning 25 next month and a momma herself) I told her all of those things and then some.... but she went and did it anyway.

Just a few days ago my precious, sweet, adorable, lovable, beautiful, wonderful, but not quite perfect Fred let January 16 turn on the calendar and let herself turn 15 whole years old! Mercy me, I just don't know how I'll survive. I thought I was being rather generous in allowing her to celebrate the yearly anniversary of her 14th birthday and all week long we planned for her anniversary cake and anniversary dinner. I even wrote on the top of her cake "Happy 1st Anniversary of your 14th Birthday Fred" (which is a lot of writing on top of a cake by the way).

So much for being in denial! It's heartbreaking now to see other mommys make that awful wish that their child/children would hurry up and get potty trained or learn to read on their own or grow past this phase of that phase of growing. Truthfully, it's over so fast you don't really remember getting started in raising those kids when their grown. I'm just thankful that my kids have grown into people that I like and can be proud of..... not perfect but wonderful anyway.

So anyway, happy (late) BIRTHDAY Fred. Every year you grow more beautiful and me and your Daddy couldn't love you more if we tried.

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Michelle said...

Aww..Wishing her a happy Birthday..I hope it was a good one