Thursday, January 03, 2008

Where have I been?

A sweet friend emailed me to ask that question so I thought that even though it really hasn't been too terribly long I would post my whereabouts on here. We ended the year 2007 with a trip to the hospital emergency room for me on Sunday. Wouldn't you know it, as soon as I start talking about health again there goes mine acting up! It's nothing terribly serious I don't believe, my heart just took a spell of beating the wrong way again and we are really hoping that I'll be able to get some rest and that it will get back to normal on it's own.... at least that's what I am asking the Lord to do for me. If it doesn't resolve soon enough then I guess I will have to go back on all the medications that I've been blessed to be free of for the past few years and I would really rather not have to do that because of the side effects.

We did get to make it to the Watch night service for new years eve and it was wonderful as usual with plenty of great preaching. Bro. Hickman preached an especially convicting message on building walls and removing rubble that stirred me and the Hunk O' Honey in some big ways. Our home preachers did great too and our family is really charged up about getting reloaded for the Lord this year. My own little preacher boy (I have to learn to stop calling him little) preached about spiritual anemia....... it amazes me how the Lord has spoken to him about such simple things and given them such depth of meaning in the scriptures for him to share. I think we started this new year off the right way... convicted and praying that the Lord will make us vessels that He can use.

Now that all of the holiday hoopla is finally over and behind us we are really going to knuckle down and get the house in order (again) and get caught back up with our schooling. I spent all of yesterday cleaning out the fridge and making and canning soup and stock. The kids did lots of schoolwork yesterday and today will probably be a repeat of all of that... only with me taking a few more breaks than I did yesterday since I ended up feeling really awful by the end of the day.

We have turned off in a really horrible cold spell here and it seems that extreme temperatures in either direction automatically make it harder for my body to cooperate with my plans. The extra cold also means more work for us with the critters and trying to keep warm. The glass broke out of the fireplace insert late last night so me and the Hunk O' Honey were up late trying to get a piece of metal cut into place to keep it working temporarily since that is the only heat we have. We would really be miserable if the heat in the house was non existent like it is in the car! Thankfully today I don't have to go anywhere except outside a couple of times to thaw the critters water and to get more wood for the fire.

So, now that everyone knows that I haven't fallen off the planet and that things are sorta kinda almost nothing like normal around here.... I better go wake up the kids and get the rest of this day going. Y'all have a wonderful day!

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