Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Surely Not!

This cannot be the 5th of February yet!!! it just can't, I haven't even had time to finish January! Between running back and forth to the dentist with my kids (3 appointments a week for the last two and a half weeks!!) and trying to get things in order at home and getting ready for this year's bee season and gardening stuff all on top of fixing this ancient computer in my *spare* time I've just been tail chasin' busy.

In trying to find the bright side of being so frazzled and out of sorts... the kids will soon be finished getting all of their dental care up to date, and in a few weeks Fred and Jared will both have their glasses too! I'll never understand why on this earth the dentist's office couldn't find any way at all to schedule the appointments in such a way that all of them could have been on the same day at least. The extra gas going in the suburban for all the trips to the dentist ate over half of our grocery budget for the last two weeks, and we still have next week to go!

Sorry to have been so behind on blogging but this is just a hectic time for me. The kids have been busy too. Aside from going to the dentist so often that the receptionist now knows us all by first name and what school subject each child likes the least (they do schoolwork in the waiting room) the kids have also been busy getting ready for making splits with the bees (increasing the hives), planning this years garden, and they butchered chickens for the first time. Fred is working on getting more bunny babies soon now that it's a bit warmer and the critter space is a bit less crowded. The kids are also still working on business plans. They have to get busy and form an LLC this year and get a tax number for the business too, plus insurance and all the other technical things that go along with owning a business.

Now that everyone is bored to tears.... at least you can't say I haven't blogged. I'll try to be in a better bloggy mood soon!

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