Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tightening the belt

You would think that after all the years that Troy and I have had to pinch pennies and cut every financial corner you can imagine we would be able to do it without thinking but here I am trying my best to learn about couponing, rebates and every other conceivable idea that might make those dollars stretch just a little farther. I'm not complaining at all, please don't take me wrong. I know without a doubt that the Lord will provide all that my family needs regardless of it's cost!

It is interesting though how much more I could have been saving our family in little ways and big ways over the years. I'm learning a lot and hope to learn much more even if it does seem more than a little bit overwhelming to get used to all the "super shopper lingo". I hate shopping with a passion so that makes the whole thing even more intimidating to me but I will learn to do it as quickly as possible anyway. I think maybe pre-planning those shopping trips will be more important than ever.

Anyway, I thought I would just hop on to update the poor neglected blog and post a couple of interesting links to help those who might be looking for ways to stretch the budget a bit. A Full Cup has great coupon links, rebate and freebie information and some coupon generators on their website. There's a lot to learn there so plan on doing some reading. Crystal also has loads of great information too, especially if you are trying to make heads or tails out of the deals that CVS and Walgreens offer, she is also a coupon wiz and lists tons of freebies on her site. One of my all time favorite websites even before our latest budget crunching efforts is Budget 101, there you can find all sorts of wonderful information, make it yourself recipes for all those crazy expensive things like coffee creamer and popsicles and taco mixes, plus forums to read more about saving money than your brain can digest in a month's time. Thrifty Fun remains another one of my long time favorites and is always one of the first places I go when I need a money saving idea or two.

So surf away all you economy weary people! There is lots of wonderful information still to be had for free and reading it sure does beat sitting around listening to the doom and gloom being pronounced by the news people these days. I'm so thankful that my security doesn't rest on the ups and downs of the economy!! No matter how many banks fail or stocks fall I know that in eternity's economy I so far beyond wealthy that I'll never be poor, lonely or out of hope.

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