Wednesday, August 20, 2008

just an update

There isn't much of anything really going on here lately it seems, and I'm so glad! I think I needed a break and a little bit of quiet. Sometimes it seems like life just starts running me instead of me running my life... I know that won't make sense to some folks but if you've ever been there you know what I mean.

The kids and I have been trying to rescue our totally out of control garden but I don't know if there is much hope at all. We got busy over the last couple of months and our garden that was off to such a beautiful start has turned into the greatest weedpatch/ deer glen/ rabbit haven that you ever saw and is now useless for growing vegetables without being completely reworked! It's like a jungle out there and with my overwhelming fear of snakes I just hate to be out there at all now. I've been kind of struggling with whether to bother trying to save it or not but that's really a whole different story.

Troy and I have just been really praying and asking the Lord to show us very clearly HIS will about whether we should stay in this house or start getting ready to find a different place to live. There are some situations that have come up in the last several months that have made us all really feel like this may not be the best place for us now and they show no real sign of getting resolved in the near future if at all. I just hate moving! I hate the expense of it all and I hate leaving all the hard work that we've put into this place behind. But, at the end of it all this is just another temporary home. If we should happen to cross your mind please make mention of this decision to the Lord for us in prayer, we truly just want to be in the will of God for our lives above all else!

A friend of mine in Texas recently sent us a video to watch. For those of you already familiar with Kent Hovind, it's one of his but not the creation seminar videos we're all so familiar with. This one is "How to make money and spend it God's way". We all really enjoyed watching it and the kids have had lots of think over since we saw it. Most of all they are all seriously paying more attention to how they spend the money they get. Troy and I enjoyed it as well and found ourselves encouraged and challenged to continue to just do our best to honor the Lord with our labors and our spending.

Speaking of spending money, since I've begun all of this couponing and such I'm still really undecided about how well I like it. I spent so many years just kind of shopping for the same things all the time because I basically just kept certain items on hand all the time and knew which stores were the cheapest for me to shop were. I could almost do my grocery shopping in my sleep, but this couponing thing really requires alot of thought and planning and quick thinking. With my three magpie like kids shopping along behind me sometimes thinking is a little bit of a challenge.

I really did get some more great deals today though and every time I have a successful trip to the store and coupons save me any amount of money I feel more encouraged to keep trying. Today I spent just a little over $38 for a grocery cart full of food! The only things I didn't get were milk and potatoes because they are much less expensive somewhere else. The cashier was just in shock and the lady behind me in line was asking questions so fast I had no idea how to answer.... especially being so new to all of it myself. It's definitely interesting so for now I'll keep at it but the old pantry shopper in me is tired and misses the ease of just going to the store and knowing which items are items that I normally purchase, getting them and getting out of the store in nearly robotic fashion.

Well, it's nearly time for my sweet Hunk O Honey to get home and I want to make sure he has something ready to drink and snack on when he gets here so I'm off to tend to my fella. I hope y'all are having a wonderful day!

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