Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We're all caught up !!!!!!

Hi there. Just thought I would pop in to make a quick post so no one anywhere gets the notion that I've fallen off the planet or become too ill to post or that some other catastrophe of sorts has hit us. We just tend to stay busy, and I'm learning that I really like it that way best. Even when the kids were little I was always running and going and doing stuff, all this time I blamed it on living right in the middle of the little one light town we were in... and the little old lady brigade just loves to pop in at the one and only intersection of the town, it makes a great multi-purpose visit.

Anyway, before my medicated brain becomes to mired down in the details of years gone by.. We are in fact busy almost all the time. School is going very very well here. In fact (please insert your own overly dramatic and long...long .....long drumroll) all 3 of the kids plus our extra student are right on target for where they should be and are even a few lessons ahead of where they should be and (insert trumpet sounds and so on..) have begun their first big major writing project of the year! (now insert HUGE, GIANT, sigh of relief from formerly panicked and weary and frazzled mom)

I'm so glad that finally we can say we are caught up! Since withdrawing the kids from the public schools (where they were already horribly behind) then the series of moves, followed by my series of health failures, followed by my series of "how in the world do I ever get caught back up" panic attacks, followed by my series of "where in the world do I start trying to get caught up now" panic attacks.... etc.... (more trumpets) we are caught up!!Despite our really bizarre schedule of half dayshift half nights among the zillion other reasons that most people would guess we would do poorly!

Sorry for going on and on... part of me is just dying to call Caleb's old teachers and tell them that they have no clue what they are talking about. You see, once upon a time we were told that Caleb (though a total pain in the rear at times, but otherwise normal) would never develop the ability to read, write or communicate through the written language at all... or at least not beyond the level of a 2nd or 3rd grade student. We were told this after months of grueling tests and classroom problem after classroom problem and finally a diagnosis of him being "severely dyslexic". He's severely normal and that's about it, only now he is severely normal and doing the schoolwork that other severely normal 7th graders are doing... and he is doing it very well.

Taeler and Jared are both doing very very well too, and our extra little student is doing great work and follows along with the other three wonderfully (almost all of the time). I almost just can't believe how well school is going this year! I have no idea how I stumbled onto this or how things came to work this was so well, but I pray it keeps up! The kids are eyeing out more essay contests and contests for other areas of learning... not for the competition but because they have begun to really enjoy researching things like that and participating on a larger scale that just within the family.

I can't believe how fast they grow!!

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