Monday, October 27, 2008

Old Fashioned Fun

Yesterday we had Old Fashioned Sunday at church. It was a HOOT! Everyone wore old fashioned clothes, and there was some great old fashioned preaching (never can have enough of that), old fashioned praying, and old fashioned praising the Lord!

There's a picture for ya Miss Willie. Jared is the one playing the guitar on the far right. He plays music with two of our Pastor's sons and another young man in our church who is quite talented as well. The Lord has really blessed them with some great talent. I'm so thankful that each of these young men are using their talents for the Lord!!!

The kids had a blast (so did most of the grown ups). There were shooting competitions for the kids. Jared is a scary good shot with a shotgun, but I forgot to ask how he did with a bb gun. Caleb is the one standing right behind him (I told y'all they were getting big!).

And there was a pie eating contest.... My boys looked forward to that all week long. Jared and Jon won first together in the closest tie I've ever seen. Caleb took a very green gilled second place. Maybe I should have fed them some protein for breakfast to offset the sudden influx of sugar and chocolate??!!

These boys all looked like they were having the greatest time until about a minute and a half into the contest, then a few of them started looking a tiny bit ill. Every one of them gave it a great try though and I know they will not forget it any time soon.

Believe it or not both of the boys ate a large lunch afterward and then a few hours later at several helpings of food again! Now y'all know why we are so crazy about trying to get the gardens to produce...

This last picture is great. There was also tug of war contests of nearly every variety. What fun the boys had thinking they were beating the men! They are so cute. Thankfully, I have no pictures of the ladies playing tug of war... otherwise known to me and "dust the yard with your dress". I'll try to put up more pictures when I get them, especially of Fred's outfit that she made since it's the first thing she has ever really sewn and she did such a wonderful job. It was lots of fun and the kids are already hoping and planning for another one. Make sure you check out Steph's blog for some more great pictures of some of the folks in their old fashioned finest.


Janie said...

That looks like quite the fun day!!!!!!!! I bet that the boys won't even ask for pie for awhile!!! I am glad y'all had a good time.

Jeannie said...

It was a blast, the kids were exhausted last night by the time we came all they wanted was a soft place to fall down.

Those boys... they both ate pumpkin pie for breakfast!!! But I'm positive that they don't want any chocolate pie...LOL.

~CarolineNot said...

What great fun and fellowship, and it was nice having a peek through your photos.