Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A little this a little that

Well, it's late and we've been busy (when aren't we?)so here I am feeling more than a little bit random so this will just be one of those shotgun style posts that I'm so prone to.

Unlike the past few years when our schooling has been done on the run or put off until the absolute last minute and procrastinated to the point of being forgotten we have actually been very faithful and are maintaining steady progress! I was almost afraid that the kids would just totally rebel against having things in the day that were so suddenly consistent after just sort of drifting along for so long but they have latched onto the *plan* and clutched it like it gave them breath. Not really, but they are very routine driven now and it has gone a long way to stopping some of the arguing and bickering that used to be the main focus of the day for them.

The only thing about being so dedicated to our studies that I've found to be a problem is that now we get next to nothing done outside! The boys and I had been taking a couple of hours a day to go cut wood but now that my sweet Hunk O Honey has a new saw I don't have to do that anymore and the boys are doomed to spend nearly the entire day studying. We are planning on taking some breaks here and there for different things .... like building the new pen for the goatie girls, and the new chicken house (or guinea house as soon as I make up my mind who to move)and to get the garden cleared (again!) so I can get my garlic planted, and to get the new garden beds started for spring. Then there are also the extra meetings coming up and that usually means some time out of school.... my kids think that just beats the whole notion of spring break all to bits.

I caught myself missing winter today! I saw a picture of *real* snow like we used to get back home. The kind of snow that is over a foot deep and the big long drippy icicles that hang off of the eaves of the houses and I actually... sorta... felt a little bit sad that we don't have that anymore. But then I walked outside *without a coat on* and shook it off as I reveled in the beauty of the warm sunny afternoon. The kids miss sledding and Troy misses the real winters, I can take them or leave them. I love the idea of the snow covered landscape and the pretty ice, but the reality of power outages for days at a time in the dead of winter or being snowed in holds ZERO appeal to me. We always dealt well with winter but now that we've tasted the longer growing season and less heating expense/effort I'm spoiled.

We are also very very spoiled to pie again! I was being a good girl and not baking all the time. Troy lost quite a few pounds and I lost enough to have to hold up my skirts if I went walking around, but now it's all coming back to us. The temperatures cooled down and the oven got turned back on. Homemade bread, several times a week (cheaper than store bought and tastes so much better!!).... plus PIE, the perfect food for all humans is pie. Didn't your mother tell you that??!! neither did mine, but I hold that as a firm belief anyway. We have had apple pie, pumpkin pie, beef pie, beef and tomato pie, chicken and veggie pie, pumpkin pie, pumpkin pie and pumpkin pie!!!!! In fact I have a half eaten piece of pumpkin pie sitting on a plate in front of me taunting me right now. My kids have all grown up saying "life is hard, but some days there's pie".... that pretty much sums it up for us too.

I have still had some struggles with my health but we are managing to keep things going anyway. Did you know that shingles really hurt?? and that you can get them before you are even 40!!! even if you didn't think that you had ever had chicken pox?? What a rip off! Actually the cream that the doctor gave me helps a lot, but they still really really really hurt!

Well, this totally random and very all over the place post is getting long and my bed is calling my name... but first I have to finish my PIE! I hope everyone in blogland is doing well and staying healthy. Bye for now.


~CarolineNot said...

What a delightful read. I'll tell you, at some points I wondered, "She been peekin' in our windows?" It's actually a comfort to read of other homeschoolers who aren't always nailed to "the schedule." By hook or by crook, we do git 'er done, though, yes? Ü

Mmm, it's a privilege to pray for you about those shingles. Hoping for a very soon and full restoration of your health. \o/

Jeannie said...

Thank you so much Caroline (NOT) for such a sweet comment. I promise I haven't been peeking in your windows, but I do love your blog... my kids and I have really enjoyed looking at your goats!

We try to get it all done, usually don't but accept what we do get done with thanks to the Lord for allowing us to try anyway.

The shingles are getting better, and thank you for your prayers! I was totally shocked to hear that I had them and hope to never have them again.