Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Some of my favorite links

I thought since I'm not in a 'chatty' mood I would share some of my favorite links today.

For preaching and good articles.
I found this one on a friend's blog and I LOVE IT! We always having preaching tapes around the house but some of these messages just can't be found easily. You have to check it out.
This is one of mine and Troy's favorite sites to get an idea of where to look up things by topic. There is just loads of information on this page.
Another interesting site.
This is one that I started reading on a few weeks ago but haven't gotten very far yet.

Some sites for women that I have enjoyed a bunch (not necessarily every single article or subject for women but the primary focus).
This is a great site, lots of articles and tips and some great short story type illustrations that we use in school sometimes.
I really love this site, it has helped me tremendously. They have so many great articles on so many topics but I especially love the section on modesty....lots of links.
This is the Pearl's site. I have really enjoyed reading a lot of their material but I guess there are some who would disagree.

A couple of my favorite homeschool websites.

And a couple of my personal favorites just to ramble around on.
The last one is a homesteading message board....NOT a christian site. I have been reading there for years though and always find some useful information in the homeschooling section and the cooking and crafts section.

That's all for today! I'm off to get my chores done and crack the whip on the kids. Hope everyone has a great day!

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