Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Mama's little tattletales

I'm learning more and more as the years go by in my childrens' lives that there are certain things you just can't take their word on.....ever. I had to take both of the boys to the dentist this morning...Tae goes on Friday. Well Caleb, who swears every single night at bedtime that he has brushed his teeth "real real good", has 12...yup that's TWELVE cavities. I was talking with the hygenist (the dentist never bothered to speak to me) and told her that since he has learned the trick of licking the slightly moistened toothpaste tainted toothbrush I have a hard time telling if he has really brushed or not. She gave me some really handy little red pills for the kids to dissolve in their mouths. The pills stain their teeth and they have to really brush and really brush again to get the coloring off.....taaa daaaa my new best friend. I introduced my new little best friends to both of the boys as my little tattletales who will tell me whether or not they have brushed correctly. If your kids are having problems brushing correctly or if you just want a tool to help train their techniques these can be bought at most pharmacies.....I was told that you can buy a large box of them at the WalMart pharmacy for around $3 but to be careful because some pharmacies want to seriously overcharge for them. They are made by the Butler company and sold under the GUM label as Red Cote dental dislosing tablets. When I think of how much fillings cost I will gladly fork over the $3 a box until I'm satisfied that he is doing his part.

On to other things. I finally got to see a picture of my little honey Bella. She is just her name would imply and I sure am a proud grandmama. I sat here staring at her picture on the monitor for the longest time. She looks so much like her mommy that it sure does take me back a lot more years than I would like to admit. I can't wait to get to go see her. So far mom and baby are both doing very well and we are all praying that Jess will get saved and raise our little Bella up in the Lord.

I'm still working out how to word my next post on pulling it all together. Since I got the priorities post out, the next one will be on resources as soon as I get it all straight in my mind. I've also got a couple of recipes I need to get posted as soon as I get a chance to sit down and type them out.....they are tested in my own kitchen with a couple of picky eaters and went over well and cost very little to make. I'll try to get them on later on today. Until then I have laundry to fold and kids to catch up on schoolwork with.....

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