Monday, February 06, 2006


Okay all of you back home folks who have pestered me and pestered me to bits and pieces wanting to see pictures of us ya go. I'll have ya'll know that to get this done I had to bug and pester one of my sweet sister friends to bits and pieces so I could figure out how to get this picture from in my camera to here.......thank you Steph!

Also to all of you folks back home who like to pick on me so much......I was grinnin like crazy because I was trying not to bust out laughing! One of the young fellas at church was cutting up and making me was definitely a had to be there thing but oh my was it FUNNY! And before you start, yes I was holding something in my hands...I'll get there in a minute....first I want you to look at what Troy is wearing. If you made it to my wedding that may look a little familiar, if you weren't one of those who attended the wedding, don't choke...he has taken to wearing ties and dress shirts since he got saved and after much prayer he felt that a suit was more than appropriate to visit the Father's house. Now when you get done freaking out because the formerly known as mr. rebel biker hair and beard Troy is standing there in a suit grinning and happy even I'll tell ya what I've got in my hands.

Ya done? Okay, it's bird seed. HAHAHAHA I haven't flipped my lid and I don't wander around feeding imaginary birds. The suit that Troy is wearing is the suit that he was wearing the day that I married him. He hasn't had that suit on since (or any other suit before or since til now) and when he reached into his pocket to put a tissue in there he pulled out a handfull of bird seed left over from our wedding. I'm still toting around some of that bird's very precious to me now. Pretty cool since a little over a year ago I was ready to burn that suit and anything else from the wedding....or that belonged to Troy.

It just goes to show you what God will do if we will just let Him take control! I'm so glad that He loves me!!!! Just look at all that He has blessed me with and how happy we all are nowadays. I don't remember any of us ever looking so happy when we were busy running around trying to satisfy the flesh but now we are all this way more often than not. God is so Good!


Michelle Hill said...

Awww.You guys look real nice!!!

Stephanie said...

Well now! Ya'll look right purty!