Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Hamster is in the cage

Doesn't that just sound like something you would hear in a spy movie? I am very happy to announce that our visiting hamster friend is safely back in his cage after a brush with a very eager to hunt kitten. My hubby rescued him from behind the refrigerator and now he is happily munching on yogurt drops and most likely vowing never to escape again. Praise the Lord for answering prayers!!! My boys both just prayed and prayed that we would find the hamster before the kitties did so they could return him safely to his owner.

I wanted to post pics of my garden today but right now I just don't have the time. I am hurrying and hurrying to get all of my chores done today for the next two days, but the kids are happy to help this time so who knows I may actually get to it. Everything seems to be growing and considering that we only just burned off the brush and started working on this place a couple of months ago I guess I should be pleased with our progress.....but if you know me at all you know that I'm really only cracking the whip all the harder wanting to get more and more done. I would love to clear out the rest of the area back there and plant more stuff and get those blackberry brambles under control and turn some of the yard into gardens and plant fruit trees and the list just keeps on going. SIGH!

Anyway, I was saying that I won't be posting pics today (probably) because we are getting things done so that we can go visit a theme park tomorrow!! My kids will be so excited! They have never ever been to an amusement park or a fair or circus or any of that kind of thing so this will be an extra great treat for them. We are being treated by friends and I'm probably one of the most excited people in the bunch.!! Hubby is taking the day off work so that makes it even more better!! I'll be sure to post pics of the trip.

I also wanted to thank Mr. Paul Jett for putting the information to subscribe to his wife Linda's newsletters in his comment. Mr Jett and his wife have a wonderful farm and store in Texas and absolutely beautiful gardens and blackberry bushes!! Check it out on their homepage and subscribe to the newsletter for more excellent informative articlesby Mrs. Jett.

To subscribe, send ANY message to:
"Bluebird Hill Farm Newsletter ArchivesWould you like to visit our archives where our Bluebird Hill Farm articles have been archived since 2002? Go to You will find the messages are kept by the month. You can click on the month and get a listing of all the articles sent out that month or if you want to find particular subjects like Farm/Garden, Virtuous Women, Prayer Bulletins, Bulletin Boards, Recipes, Questions/Answers, and much more, just type in the "search box" the subject you want. Increase the maximum hits number and it will bring in more articles of that subject at a time to choose from.Our old archived articles are held in These go from 1999 to early 2002. The search engine in this one is not too good, but the articles are listed for you to choose from. Keep each page of 100 articles alphabetized by aligning the "subject" button and you can find articles relatively easy."Our website is .Pictures are in "The General Store" hyperlink on the main page. Contact information is there also.

That's all for now. See ya later.

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