Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A quick hello.....

And then we are off to church for the Wednesday evening meeting. Things have been a little slow going here the last couple of days as I fight off a migraine but thankfully there hasn't been anything too pressing or urgent come up. We are on the look out for an AWOL hamster that we are taking care of for some friends who are out of town....please pray that we find him and return him to the safety of his cage before one of the kitties finds him and decides to play taste tester with him.

I keep telling myself that I'm going to find the time to post a good long catching up post but no such thing has been happening. We have managed to stay plenty busy and seem to only find more to do. I learned how to make quicksand and now have a garden full of the stuff!! Yup, real honest to goodness quicksand is in my garden and I have now lost two pair of shoes in there and Tae has lost a pair too. After several phone calls to various "experts" I think that the only thing I can do to try and salvage what garden I have planted is to get several truck loads of mulch and put that on there ......hopefully that will absorb the excess moisture and donate some friction to the sand all without me having to dig up and transplant every single plant that we have in the ground. I'll try to get out and take some pictures soon and post for you. It looks like regular old sandy dirt until you step on it and then it looks like a waterbed mattress that someone has stepped on waves under your feet until it sucks you down in the muck!

Now before I get a bunch of emails telling me how quicksand can kill me and suck me under the ground like in the movies let me remind you that movies are extremely expensive lies and that reality very rarely if ever is like the movie version. That said quicksand is truly only sand that has lost it's friction. It's rarely in the real world any deeper than a few feet and won't kill you or trap you in the muck....though it is a little hard to get loose from once you sink in to the calf. Both of my lost pair of shoes are a little over knee deep in that mess and I sure am not in a hurry to try fishing them out.....thankfully they were very old very cheap shoes in the first place. If you want a little lesson on what quicksand is really then try looking it up on

The only other really big news here is snakes. Everyone who knows me knows that they only thing that will scare me into running is a snake....or a banana peel that someone thinks looks like a snake and says "is that a snake?" I nearly stepped on a water mocassin last week and am still recovering from the shock I think. Now when I go out to the garden I wear my boots (steel toes.....hehe bit that snakey) and take my gun.....oh and did I mention praying the whole time that I don't see another snake. We are looking for guineas and will get some as soon as I find some for sale....praying that they will eat the snakes and ants and other creepy crawlies that I really don't need to have.

If you read the comments on here you may notice one from a fella named Paul.....apparently he is Linda Jett's husband and read her articles on my blog! Hopefully Mrs. Jett isn't upset that I posted her wonderful articles here....I just love to share good information and couldn't help myself. If I get any information about how to find more of her articles etc...I'll be sure to post it here.

It's time for me to get ready to go so I'll E ya'll later.


Paul5388 said...


One of the easiest ways to dry out your soil is to till. We have very sandy soil here in east Texas and I make it a practice to till, with a 4WD tractor, to help things dry out. The plants don't need wet feet, if they are going to survive. Of course, it's always better to take preventative actions prior to needing to till!

I incorporated a lot of sawdust into one of our gardens ( has a picture of that garden) and over time and with the addition of manures, it turned from white "sugar sand" to a dark sandy loam. The organic material helps retain moisture and also keeps it from turning to "quick sand".

Paul5388 said...

This is a better picture of that garden (I'll break it into to 2 lines, but it will need to be C&P as 1 line)