Tuesday, June 13, 2006

blackberries and bugs and chickens oh my!

We have been so so busy lately, but good things so that definitely isn't a complaint. We've been picking blackberries almost daily in hopes of freezing enough to eat them through the winter months....problem is we can't stop eating them now. I have made jelly and several cobblers and a few cheesecakes, we've had them on ice cream and just in a bowl all by themselves. I plan to make more jelly and pick as many as I can but with 3 hungry kids and a hubby who loves them we may not get that many frozen or jellied. My family is so easy to please.....just bring in a bucket of berries and they will all happily sit down at the table munching away and visiting!

Bugs....yuck, I hate them and they are making me miserable!! We went to the pond to go fishing last week and now I am covered...literally, with chigger bites. It's hard to believe how much they itch and how much sleep they are costing me but I'm still thankful that all bug bites is all they are....we thought chicken pox for awhile. I will always always always wear bug spray at the pond now!!

Me and Troy were up late last night trying to decide on the details of my soon to be built chicken coop!!! Yippeeeee, I get chickens!!! I can't wait. One of the sweet ladies at our church is giving me some of her bantams! I have to hurry and get them a house built or should I say I have to sweetly stand in the yard and try to not hurry Troy as he builds them a house. Whatever....I get chickens!!

Life is fun!

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