Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Rain rain go away

A ramble.

I'm tired of rain.... I know it really hasn't been raining all that long but these kids are so used to being outside all day and doing things that they are going nuts being stuck inside.
I've been such a bad blogger lately and had hoped to get some of that caught up today but the kids are bored. With the wind that's whipping up outside right now I have a feeling we'll be picking up leaves and sticks from the yard for at least a day....
I hope my tomatoe plants don't get killed....and the rest of the garden doesn't turn back into quicksand.
I can't wait to pick more blackberries.
My mending pile is getting overgrown.
Maybe I should bake some bread, that sounds good.
I don't know what to cook for supper....hmmm.
Maybe I could squeeze a nap in.
I think I'll make biscuts and gravy for supper, or toad in a hole.
I don't like tropical storms.
I think I'll let Caleb do some studying online to get him to sit still for awhile.
See ya

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