Monday, June 19, 2006

So far behind!

I thought I would post a quick picture of our latest kitchen project.....blackberry jelly!!! We have picked more berries the last few weeks than I want to try to think about. We've eaten a bunch, given away gobs of them and turned a couple gallons of them into jelly!! Tae and Caleb had a blast trying to lick the big pot clean.....they quickly learned that jelly pans are nothing like cake batter bowls.....Tae says they are still really yummy though and worth the sticky fingers. We like to heat it up and have it on pancakes and waffles or just like it is on top of ice cream is really good too! We are officially hooked on this jelly.

The big stumper of the day is how did I get so far behind? Do you ever just sit there and look around you and think that there is just absolutely no way at all that you can ever catch up on everything and that maybe the best solution is to have a huge weiner roast in the yard.....matches anyone??? I've spent the entire day trying to catch up on the house, the garden, the mail, the email, the bills, the blogs, the kids stuff etc.....and yet I'm at least 3 full days behind on everything except the laundry. I'm sure I will get caught up on everything in time, and I am probably not really as far behind as I think I am.....just getting older and a little more aware of how much time I lose when I can't find what I'm looking for around here.

Anyway, with the heat maybe the boys and I will be forced to stay in during the hottest parts of the day and work on this pig sty. I'm really wanting to get everything caught up and get some summer time schooling done with the boys. Tae, or Fred as she has come to be known by all of us here in crazyland, will be staying a few days with some very sweet friends of ours who have a house full of cute babies.....right up Fred's alley!! I'll miss my tater girl, but I'm happy that she will be able to be a help to our good friends and their sweet babies.

Troy is right now this very minute as I type working on my chicken house!!!! I can't wait to get my chickens! It looks really good for the first ever effort he has made on a project like this too! Caleb wants to paint it like a barn....LOL. I may let him do it ....we'll see. I'll try to post pictures when I get a chance.

We are so blessed to have the life we have now. I was just thinking this morning while I was out picking more blackberries how far we are from where we were when I got saved and how far we are now from a year and a half ago when Troy got saved. The Lord has been so good to us!!


Michelle Hill said...

Looks like fun!!!Great pictures..

Angela D. said...

Wow, how busy you guys are with making stuff since God blessed you all with the house you're in now!! How can you say you're behind?? Just ahead in other stuff (like canning, and planting, and being a help to families in the church). The other stuff will be there waiting for you. haa-haa
Love ya chick!