Wednesday, June 21, 2006

For over 37 hours

Our family has suffered from lack of Sassifrasiasis........We have searched high and low for the cure to this particular ailment to no avail! The one family member who can help is just nowhere to be found.

She isn't in the boys room helping with the chores, or should I say tormenting the boys while they are doing their chores?!
Poor Garfield has given himself over to languishing away in their favorite petting seat.....his last thought was "maybe if I sit and wait it out she will come to pet me again".
She isn't stalking the baby tomatoes waiting for them to be ripe today.
She isn't sitting in her favorite shady not under the tree, IN the tree....thus the constant sewing of bloomers at our house.
She isn't wading through the corn or eyeballing the baby green beans and squash either.

No Fred here! She isn't hanging out laundry today either!

She's not helping in the yard with her brothers today.

Actually she is perfectly safe and doing just fine. She is visiting with a family that we love dearly and hopefully being a blessing to the momma by helping with the younger kids and the house chores. "Fred" as we have taken to calling Tae is feeling very pressured to hone her homemaking skills and takes nearly every chance she gets to practice....she felt like helping our sister in the Lord who is dealing with twins and 3 kids besides them all under the age of 10 would be great training for the day when the Lord blesses her with a family of her own. Anyway, we love and miss our Sassyfrass!

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