Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The manly art of filling in for the missing sister!

Last night was very interesting here. With me being the only "girl" in the house and so NOT a girly girl like Fred things were very unusual. I had the boys filling in for a lot of the things that Fred normally takes care of around here and quickly learned that teaching boys to do the household kind of stuff is a way way waaaayyyy different task than teaching a girl. It was a very different experience for all of us but the evening ended well with a really yummy meal that we all had a hand in preparing.

We ended up naming the bread basket Fred and sitting it at her place at the table so we would stop talking to the empty chair. It got to be ridiculous how often we would turn to the chair and comment about how good the food was!
See what I mean about different?! I guess sometimes you need a little macho in the biscuts because I swear to ya'll that was the best batch of biscuts that ever came out of this kitchen.....sorry Fred, but you've been beaten.
Laundry folding fell to Jared who wasn't wearing a gun, but you can sure tell that those clothes weren't folded by someone who cares much about how wrinkled their shirts are either! At least he didn't just wad them up and stuff them in the basket!

I miss Fred!!!

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Those are great pictures...