Thursday, June 29, 2006

A lazy day

After several weeks of being constantly on the go and trying to get so much done my body has finally decided to force me into taking a day off. My heart hurts and I'm tired so I've just been sitting around making mental notes of all the stuff I'm going to be doing as soon I've got my feet back underneath me again.

While I'm sitting trying to recuperate I'm also watching huge trucks and and large pieces of equipment tear out the woods and fields that used to surround our house and the property that it sits on. Apparently the very wealthy landowner who had all of the land for as far as we could see both ways down this road has decided that this nice formerly quiet country neighborhood was in desperate need of a new subdivision or three and sold to a development company. Probably before christmas time I'll again be surround by neighbors, noise, and crime....I'm so sad!!

One of the biggest projects I have in mind to start on beginning tomorrow is to get this house and my children back on track. Last fall and winter I had let our homelife deteriorate and things were getting sloppy including the kids behavior. Well, since our move here and the increased activities at church and us putting in the garden and stuff the kids and I have gotten so far away from anything that resembles a routine that it is getting to be impossible just to keep up with the day to day stuff let alone getting ready to go back to schooling daily and all the extra activities we would like to do like library trips and field trips we would like to plan.

We NEED a regular routine to help me manage our time and resources. I've always bucked the idea of a schedule and I most likely still will.....I crave a certain amount of spontenaeity in life and just putting a schedule down on paper squishes the fun for me but I need to have the structure of a regular and planned set of daily activities to plan the remainders of our time. We have also fallen into a trap of spending way way too much time socializing with friends and having fun to the detrement of all of the important stuff like studying and taking care of the house. I'm hoping that the routine will help me to stave off some of the temptation to say "oh yes we would love to come play this afternoon" and instead say something like "well, I need to make sure that xy and z are finished first but if we have time after those things are taken care of we would love to come for a visit".

And speaking of's time for me to start supper....that part of the routine we never forget around here!!!

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