Monday, July 03, 2006


This is a new thing for me but my sweet friend Michelletagged me so here goes.

5 things in my refrigerator
  1. a jar of sourdough starter
  2. leftover stewed tomatoes
  3. a gallon jar of sweet tea
  4. left over corn for corn fritters
  5. a left over pork chop that I'll hurry up and eat before Troy or the boys get to it.....LOL

5 things in my closet

  1. a box of clothes that need to be mended
  2. Troy's ammo box
  3. Troy's rifle and 22
  4. Caleb's 410/ 22 that he got for his birthday
  5. clothes

5 things in my purse

  1. excedrin, cough drops and emergen-C powders
  2. a mini first aid kit
  3. highlighters and pens
  4. a bunch of the kids junk that they get tired of carrying and I keep forgetting to give back to them
  5. my wallet

5 things in my car

  1. knowing Taeler at least one pair of shoes
  2. maps
  3. tools of some sort I'm sure
  4. cd's
  5. a gallon jug of water in case it overheats

Well, that was fun! Since most everyone I know has already been tagged I guess I have to wait until I meet someone who hasn't been!

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