Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fireworks and chickens

Well, we sort of got to see a few fireworks for the 4th of July this year. Last year we were still kinda new here and didn't know where to go and Troy was working a late evening so me and the kids sat in the house and ate junk food and played board games. This was the first year we had done anything at all for the 4th since 2002?....I think, at any rate it's been a really long time since we tried to take the kids to see a big display. We went to a cookout at some of our good friends house and had a wonderful time of fellowship and EATING....seriously, I may have gained 10 pounds and Troy is pretty sure that he gained at least that much. After all the food and visiting we planned to go to the army post to see the fireworks display, but ended up seeing a few fireworks from a long way off as we drove through massive traffic on our way home.

Apparently this army post decided to make it extra extra difficult for people to get on post to see the display and the result was that folks were stuck in traffic so long that they just started parking on the sides of the road and getting out there in hopes of seeing the fireworks. After sitting in traffic so long that we had just enough fuel left to turn around and head back to the gas station we joined the side of the road ranks. Imagine our kids dissapointment when as soon as the fireworks began the MPs came to make all of us "safety hazards" leave our firework observation positions that were only taken in the first place as a last resort. Well, being, bug bitten, hot, a little irritated and worn out from chasing two stray chickens earlier in the day we just turned around and headed home. The kids were still tickled with the fireworks that they saw and they had enjoyed so much fun during the day that they were tired enough to want to go home anyway. Next year we will come up with a better plan....wait, isn't the 4th on Wednesday next year??? We may just be able to avoid the whole mess and listen to some good preaching instead!!

I finally got my chickens!! I'll try to post some pictures soon of the chicken house and yard that Troy and the boys built for me to keep them in. I have a pretty white rooster and 6 hens and a gamehen. So far 3 have escaped and one has been captured after she roosted on the 3 wheeler out in the shed....she really likes that thing so we named her Harley, no it isn't a harley I just thought it was a funny name for a tiny little chick who likes to roost on the 3 wheeler.

I'm off to get some things done...and maybe catch some chickens.

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Michelle Hill said...

I am glad you were able to see some fireworks..Have fun with the chickens..I know my mother just loves hers..They follow her around like crazy..She also names all of her,,She has about 12 chickens with all names..LOL