Thursday, July 20, 2006

Saying see ya later instead of goodbye

A dear brother in the Lord was taken home on Tuesday. He was truly one of the kindest men I ever met and it was clearly evident in his life everday that he loved and served the risen Lord Jesus. My entire family is so thankful that we were blessed to have known him and to have had time to learn from him and to share with him before he went home to be with Jesus.

Brother David left behind a beautiful family. He has a wonderful wife, two beautiful sweet daughters, and three handsome and strong sons. He leaves behind a legacy of people from all walks of life that were blessed just to know him and to see through his sincerity that our Savior lives. His family is so dear to us and to know the pain that they must be feeling wrenches our hearts. Pray for them, pray that they will be comforted during their grief, that they will have peace in knowing that they will be with him again.

Times like this are just so hard ......there are a million and one things that go through your mind that you wish you had said and never uttered, that you wish you had done and never did and you can drive yourself insane with the 'what if's' and 'if only's'. So dear folks back home and blogger friends I am asking all of you to please please lift up in prayer the Dougherty family as they grieve their loss and learn to go on each day.

We are only saying to Brother David.....See ya later. But never goodbye.

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