Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Black widow spiders

As I type this my kids are writing a report on our new friends that have moved into our garden. We managed to catch two of them....well it's one now since the first one killed the second one as soon as we put it in the jar....but several others got away. In the midwest black widows are one of those things that we know exist but actually seeing them is rare....apparently in North Carolina it's a pretty common thing to run into a black widow.

We were outside trying to salvage our garden which seems to have succumbed to some sort of late season ah could also be neglect. So anyways we were pulling weeds and actually replanting most of what we had intended to grow and Taeler was hauling the weeds to the chickens (who knew that there were critters that think weeds are a treat?) and she had a few nasty little spiders jump out of the bucket at her. Then Caleb and I were moving around the cardboard that was laying in between rows to suppress weeds and saw a bunch of the spiders just run everywhere.....I caught the two that were sitting there looking like they wanted to bite me.

Now I'm thoroughly creeped out....not as bad as I get about snakes but (excuse me while I give in to a girly moment) eeewwwwww! Anyway, I'm off to supervise the writing of the spider reports.

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