Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Where does the time go?

I didn't even realize that it had been so long since I posted. We've been busy schooling and this year it has been so enjoyable that I don't have to apply pressure to any of the kids to do their work......I'm praying that this is a good thing and not a sign that I've made school too easy. We've focused totally on studying the Bible so far....everything else takes a back seat, our goal is to go completely through the Bible at least once for school this year. Originally the goal was to simply read through the bible within the first couple of months of school......but we are finding it far too difficult to JUST read it, we make maps and work puzzles and write narrations of what we read and re-read and dig in even deeper when things that jump out to us. So far we are almost done with Exodus and I guess I can live with that....after all it's only been 3 weeks of school and I shouldn't be too much of a meany about a schedule....right?? This Friday each of them have a writing assignment due. They were told to pretend that they were an Israelite during the time of the 10 plagues on Egypt and had to write a newspaper article about what was going on around them......this should be interesting (yes I know they didn't have newspapers but that isn't the point).

Other than school we aren't doing much. We are trying to tend our poor withered and neglected garden and get some stuff around the house straightened out but we just keep getting sidetracked by one thing or the other. I think we are taking turns battling discouragement around here lately. It just seems like we can never find the time to get things done and every time that we think we might something else comes up and there goes our time. Troy and I are suffering from having no time to be alone together and making serious decisions about things on the fly is just not fun or wise. It's really hard sometimes to decide what we HAVE to do versus what kinds of things can be put on hold for the sake of those things that can't wait....or can they??? Know what I mean?

The kids are all doing good. Willie, you would be so proud of the boys.....they haven't fought with each other or even sniped at each other all week!!! They had their little tent out in the yard today and were out there peacefully reading and doing schoolwork and never once did they argue! Taeler is spending the day with a friend of hers and will be home tonight. Tomorrow we have more school to get done.

My dear friend back home, Mindy is debating whether or not to write a post for my blog. She is a sweet lady that I've known for a little over 5 years now. Mindy got saved last spring and is growing and learning and it's a real blessing to see someone give their lives to the Lord the way that she has since she got saved.

Well that's it for now as boring to some folks as it may be that's all I have to say. I hope everyone else is doing well and staying close by the Lord!

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