Sunday, August 27, 2006

Chicken pictures

First picture.
Here are the guineas sounding the alarm. They came back home the day after they escaped. Turns out they decided to visit the neighbors pond.

Second picture.
Harley the super duper tiny little biker chicken. Notice her black feather "jacket". She is posing next to Rosie who is a snobbish bigger hen and likes to peck at Harley.

Third picture.
Our embarrasingly cluttered chicken haven. It is all made of "recycled" materials. The lumber for their house was all collected from dumpsters at factories where Troy was working. The fencing material around the house was being thrown away by someone...I don't remember who right now. But my favorite part is the steel cage fencing that used to be a tool "crib" in a factory. We kept the "authorized persons only" sign on the door.

I just had to show ya! The big white rooster is Rufus. He is Scooter's daddy and Harley's honey pie....she follows him all over the place and it makes Rosie so mad! Chickens are so much fun!

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