Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Yup, it reads right.....after all these years that Troy and I have been together we are finally taking a vacation. We are going away for a couple of days with the kids and some of our church family to a revival near the mountains. I'm so excited I could burst!! We've never had a vacation of any kind, not for a weekend or even just an overnight. The only trips we have taken were when I was working I had to travel alot for training seminars or conferences and then Troy and the kids would go with me and we would drive around a bit after I got off work......that is SO NOT A VACATION!! It has been all I can do all week long to keep the kids from packing everything they own that isn't on their bodies....they seem to think that part of vacation is packing EVERYTHING. We are leaving tomorrow as soon as Troy gets home and we'll be back sometime on Saturday.

In other news.....Troy got a new job!!! That is just such wonderful news to us just can't even imagine. The job that he has now was an okay job, but it has absolutely no possibility of a future for will never get any better than it is right now. Being a man who takes his responsibility to his family very seriously means (to Troy) that he has to have something that has some kind of future to it and gives him the ability to meet our needs through his job.....this job just doesn't do that. Troy is really excited about his new job and seems excited about the new company too.

And more news.....Saturday is mine and Troy's 15th anniversary! Granted, we've only been legally married for 8 years, but to us who formerly lived life in and for the flesh 15 years is far more than what we could ever have hoped for. I think I wrote about how we got together way back in December but those of you back home knew us before we found each other and you know how incredible it is that we are so happy and still together and living for Jesus. I couldn't be happier and I couldn't ask for more than I've got right now......I don't deserve what I have but I'm sure thankful to have it all!!

Well, that's it I have to go now.....Caleb is trying to pack Jared's stuff and Taeler is having a skirt crisis of some sort. I love being a mommy!

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Michelle Hill said...

Have a wonderful time at the meeting and a mini vacation..Happy Anniversary to you both..And Congrats. on the new job Troy!!!!