Thursday, November 09, 2006

Just a quick catch up

Things sometimes have a way of running off with me around here. It's been one thing after the other after the other for what seems like a really long time now. Hopefully things are on the mend now and are on track for getting back to some kind of normal.

Caleb has healed from his surgery very nicely. That kid just amazes me sometimes. It makes you stop and think before you crybaby about something you're going through when you see such a little kid get his guts cut on and never ever take anything but Tylenol for the pain and go through all of it with smiles and a great attitude.

We've had lots of chicken adventures but there isn't any good news this time. Poor Harley the super duper biker chicken was killed by the hawk last Friday. We are all just broken hearted over it but amazed that she survived all she did. Again, my kids proved to be much tougher than I am. I fell all to pieces and bawled like a baby out in the chicken yard while the kids went about the business of gathering the rest of the chickens into the coop and burying poor little Harley. There have been quite a few times lately that the kids have proven themselves to me in so many ways but that day sure does stand out in my mind. The images of those kids pulling up their bottom lips and moving on through the tears to tend to the things that had to be done while I fell apart will most likely never leave me.

Before you folks back home get too hard on me for falling apart over my little chicken dying (being beheaded by a hawk)let me add that I had just come home from the doctor with pneumonia and was on the verge of tears anyway. All of you back home folks know that with my NCS anytime I get an illness like that it hits me hard and takes me longer to get over than it would most folks. I haven't been too bad with it though, I'm taking my medicine and resting a lot and praying really hard that it doesn't trigger a whole bunch of my fainting spells and heart troubles.

The past few weeks have been really really busy for us with Caleb having surgery and me getting sick and the chicken adventures and then just keeping up with the day to day stuff sometimes seems a bit overwhelming for me, and frustrating that for most of it I've had to make myself stay put and rest. I'm so thankful for Fred!!! She has been getting up and cooking breakfast for everyone, keeping the boys on track with school, cleaning the house, tending the chickens, ironing the laundry and just being that spark that keeps things firing in order around here. What a blessing that girl has been to me!

Well, enough for now. I just wanted to catch up a little bit since it had been such a long time since I posted. I'm still way behind on everything but getting better bit by bit and soon I'll be back to the same old me.

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