Friday, November 10, 2006

Vexation and Vanity

This day started out okay for me, then went downhill quickly from there. Pretty soon I was caught up in a mess of worrying and tears and frustration. My thoughts just raced and my heart pounded and I really only worried more. I was trapped for awhile in that mess, but then I stopped and prayed and prayed and then I listened to an awesome preaching cd and then I read my bible. From then on the day has totally changed for me....and I've learned a lot in the middle of it all.

Worry is just plain old vain selfishness at it's very best. There ya go I've said and you can be mad at me or whatever but I calls 'em as I sees 'em...and at least for the moment, in light of God's word I sees 'em plain as day. Worry is just plain old vain selfishness at it's best. Still don't believe me? Look for yourself.

Do like I did and start reading in Matthew chapter 6 and verse 25. I'm not gonna type it all out for ya today, you can look it up yerself! Worrying is the same thing as not trusting the Lord. I would have done well to have reminded myself of that when the first little pangs of it hit me today but like the idiot that I sometimes am I just followed on down that selfish little road and wound up really sorry for it. Need more convincing?

Read Psalm 39. Yup, ya gotta look it up yerself! All that wasted energy has made me a meany and I looked it up and read it and it did me a world of good so I know it won't hurt you none. All that worrying will not help you one little bit now will it? If you're half as stubborn as I was you still need to read a bit just to get it good and solid in yer head.

Read Ecclesiasties chapter 1 and start in verse 13. Vanity vanity vanity. Hmmm. Now go on and read chapter know you want to! Vanity vanity vanity.

Now read Psalm 107. At every turn those people felt afflicted, troubled and afraid. They felt there was none to help. They worried and let that worry bind them and drag them down, it seems that they only even bothered to cry out to God at the last minute before they went completely under so to speak. But I didn't see one single time in that passage where God refused to help them when they cried out to Him! He never left them in that mess but He was always faithful to deliver them from their destructions and distresses. WOW!

I sure do feel silly for having worried so this morning! Our Lord is faithful and loving to us even though we are so very undeserving! I pray that I remember how he comforted me today the next time I get so caught up in my own worries and frustrations!

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