Friday, December 08, 2006

I'd better clear this up

My phone has not rung like this ever!! I'm sorry that things were misunderstood from my last post and hope that everyone understands that sometimes words just fail to describe what a feeling feels like or what is really happening within a set of circumstances.

We have not been abandoned by everyone we know!! We know that we have a large and caring family in the Lord and that they love and pray for us (it does truly go both ways guys :-) ) All I am saying is that this is a very difficult situation for my family and that we never would have anticipated having to deal with such things in a manner that excluded us (Troy) from reaching out and getting good Godly advice in how he should handle certain things.

We are hurting but God is GOOD and has taken wonderful care of us. Sometimes you just have to hurt and work you're way through hurting. I don't believe anyone on this planet who tells me that when you are saved you don't get hurt and cry about it or act as though you are hurt. That's just nonsense and an impossible statement unless you are a hermit alone on a mountaintop and invulnerable to any type of pain. What is amazing is the kind of growth that can take place while you are hurting....despite tears and frustration and pain there can be wonderful truths revealed that you could never have learned any other way! We haven't doubted the Lord in any of this, and I resent that someone would imply that we have refused the Lord's help (you know who you are and we'll be talking about that statement you made later).

Anyway, we are working our way through all of this stuff....problems, troubles, growing pains and all....the best we can and learning all that we can along the way. We are hurting and tender but we are going to be just fine and in all truth probably quite a bit better off than what we were before any of this stuff ever started. Just keep us in your prayers......God can fix/heal/change anything. Those things that we agonize over and fret and hurt and suffer for are nothing compared to HIS wonderful and all sufficient Grace!!

So .....stop worrying, I didn't intend to alarm anyone by just saying how we have felt during all of this. Please don't call so and so and tell them to worry about me (Jess, I love you but don't scare your uncle that way ever again). Please don't threaten to come all the way out here and help us "fix" things. No, Fred does NOT need a bus ticket to go stay with her grandma back home for awhile.....and NO, her uncle doesn't need to come out here and straighten anyone out, she has a Daddy and a heavenly Father on the job full time. Yes, we are still in church and no the church is not the problem. Sheeshawowie y'all!!

I apologize for not wording things in such a way that wouldn't cause so much alarm. and will watch that more carefully in the future.


Steph said...

Sheeshawowie!? hee hee hee!
It's only cause we care chick!2

Steph said...

Lots of typos...that was supposed to say "only cuz we care chick!" There, that's better English!