Friday, December 08, 2006

Too much for words

I know I haven't posted lately and yes Jess, I know I'm behind on recipes. There has just been a lot of stuff going on around here lately....some really good stuff and some really really bad stuff. Our family could sure use and would definitely appreciate your prayers! We are really struggling with some very intense personal family stuff that I could never explain properly here but suffice it to say that things have been tough. There have been lots of tears and heartbreak and some yellin' and hollerin', lots and lots and lots of prayer and just seeking the Lord for answers. I can honestly say that the Lord has been so sweet to us and faithful every single day to give us exactly what we need!

Those folks who I've asked to pray especially for Fred, please keep it up!! She is doing much better, but still is really in pain. Her faith in almost everything has really been tested and tried in the last month or so and she has felt so horribly alone in it all......most likely still does because it's stuff that she really hasn't been able to share outside of our family. The Lord has been lovin' up on her lots lately and it's showing in how she's been doing the last few days....I'm so thankful for that. Y'all don't know how much I wish I could just openly say what all has taken place in the heart and life of my sweet baby girl but I can't do that right now.

Also please keep my hubby in your prayers. He is having a very hard time with some things too and as the head of our home he has some really tough decisions laying ahead of him. He's so young in the Lord and really feels as though he hasn't been able to learn all that he needs to know to handle all of these things with confidence yet and what has made it worse for him and complicated things is that he hasn't been able to get the help that he needs. I wish that I could do more to be a help to him in this area but all I can do is continue to pray and ask that you folks do the same. You're so right Willie, he is such a different man now and I don't know if I could love him any more if I tried. It just breaks my heart to see him so hurting and struggling and with no one to really help him the way that I know you and Sam and Austin would if you could be here.

Both of the boys are hanging in there and really praying about lots of different things too. I'm so thankful that they are turning to the Lord for the comfort and support that they know this family has been needing! Jared has been offered a part time job from one of the men who own the property that we berry pick and fish on, he's so excited. The man needs some help with cutting brush and moving pine straw and working with his animals and he is going to teach Jared to drive the tractors and do lots of really awesome interesting to a young boy learning to work stuff. Caleb was offered a job by the man's sister working at her place doing all the same stuff only minus the tractor part. Both of these people just stopped by the house and spoke with Troy about it last week. They told Troy that they had noticed the kids all working outside since we've moved in and really liked what we had done to this boys were so proud that someone noticed all of the hard work they've been doing. My momma pride just might go up a size!!! (which is okay this week since my momma waist size has gone down a little...hahaha)

Me?? I'm hanging in there. I've had a couple of days this week when I just really didn't even want to keep on trying but y'all, I've got an awesome God!!! I've been really struggling for some time now and there are some issues that have suddenly ...ummm, not exploded but gone nuclear for my family. Not just average stuff like little things, but very big things and nearly every area of our lives was and is being attacked in one way shape or form all at once. I feel like I have literally spent this entire week working one disaster zone after the other and it's not over with yet. My whole family is hurting and in an awful position of having to try and work through all of this stuff on our own. It's difficult and it's ugly and it hurts, especially when it feels like we've been totally abandoned by the only people that we thought we could turn to for help in a time like this. But God is GOOD! I'm hanging in there with the rest of my family and we'll make it through all of this. Things may not be the same when we're done but we'll be just fine.

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Steph said...

God is still good. God is still able. You are in our prayers. We have not and will not even consider abandoning you and your family.