Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The yuckies

I have them. I feel icky all over and my nose keeps on pouring green bloody goo that would make even the toughest of medical staff cringe. My head is pounding and will not stop and now I'm running a fever......I hate running a fever because it makes everything else feel not really real, like I'm walking around in a daze of some sort. Tomorrow I go to the doctor....I don't like doctors but right now if I had to cut off my nose to feel better I would at least consider it.

Other than my yuckies this week has gone by (so far) fairly well. The kids and I have gotten the chicken house and yard cleaned and cleared and put all of that wonderful newly composted chicken yard dirt in my garden. Y'all should see my garden now......Ms. Willie, you would be sooo proud, in less than a year I've taken that dirt from nearly white sand that NOTHING would grow in to this really pretty loose black dirt. Well, not me personally....the chickens really helped and the bunny too. Me and Fred planted 9 rows of garlic yesterday, hopefully later on today I'll actually feel like getting out there to mulch it before we get another cold snap.

The kids have been working away at their school work too. They finished their Joshua test and started on Judges, and are a little over half done with the weather study in science. I've also downloaded some awesome ebook units from the homeschool estore to do sometime soon. The year is flying by us and there is so much left to do yet! I'm thankful that the kids are enjoying school this year.

Well, I'm done for now. Tomorrow will be a very busy day, we have a skating trip then the doctor then the store then to church to fold flyers so I need to get lots of stuff done today.

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