Monday, November 27, 2006

Not much....

To say and that's part of why I haven't been posting lately. Things are still kind of "off" feeling a bit around here and we are busy trying to get caught up on some things with school and house chores and get prepared for the revival at church next week. Our goal as a family for the next couple of weeks is to get out and visit folks as often as we can before the revival so nearly all of the time that I'm not schooling, cleaning, or cooking meals for next week we plan to be out visiting or inviting folks to our revival.

Since I seem to be lacking so much in what to say and have been so far behind on my blog reading I thought I would just post a few links for some other interesting posts for you. There's a great post at Be Not Conformed on gossip, plus Mrs. B. and Mrs. R. always have some wonderful to read stuff posted on their blog. Anna has posted some vintage rules for married life that I enjoyed reading this morning. If you are looking for tips on saving some money this time of year this is the blog for you! If you are looking for a bit of food for spiritual thought Slice of Laodicea has some thought provoking articles you might enjoy.

That's all I have for you today, sorry for being so short and non informative. I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving and has a wonderful week. I'll post a few recipes later on (yes, I do know I'm behind) but right now I have to go make yogurt, get some advance cooking for next week done and clean our house.....all while supervising history readings and math.


Pastor McEntire said...

Came to your site through someone that had visited mine from here. I noticed that you have linked to my blog and just wanted to say thanks, I count it a privledge.

Jeannie said...

Hello Pastor McEntire, my husband and I really enjoy your blog. Thank you for visiting my little blog.