Thursday, January 11, 2007

Prayer request

I don't do this very often but in this case I think I need to. Some of you know that my little Fred has been wanting to keep bees for the honey. She is a very responsible and industrious person and I think it is an admirable pursuit(even if I personally am terrified of bees).

There is a very sweet older fella near Greensboro who has offered to give Fred everything she needs to get off to the right start in beekeeping and has offered to teach her all that she will need to know to turn her hobby into a good money making opportunity. The only thing that he asks is that me or Troy bring her to his place to work the hives together a few times so that he can be sure that she is comfortable with doing the work, will do it safely and will keep the hives up to the proper standards for healthy bees and good honey. There are also classes in Greensboro that begin February 8th and meet weekly on Thursdays for 6 weeks that Fred would really like to take...if she does she will graduate as a certified beekeeper which means that she can legally sell her honey and/or bees within this state (good income potential)...she will also earn free bees by taking and graduating this class.

Now for the prayer request part....we have serious transportation issues. The classes are held at least an hour and a half away from here. We have a suburban with no heat that is wearing the front tire on one side bald and I really don't want to get stuck on the side of the road at night with Fred in it (or freeze between here and there). We also have our poor old Jeep with nearly 300K miles on speedometer and runs pretty rough too. I'm not sure that I would trust it that far from home alone with just Fred at night either. Would y'all please just pray that something will work out for me to get Fred to these beekeeping preparatory events? She really is a sweet kid and rarely asks us for anything so we really want to be able to do this for her!

Thanks everyone!

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