Thursday, January 11, 2007


We're feeling yucky but I'm cracking the whip on the kids to do schoolwork today anyway! That'll show 'em to give me the snotty, sniffly, fevery, yuckies!! Actually, they are quite contented to sit about the house amongst the piles of books and papers today. Their daddy broke out his secret stash of 1930's Popular Mechanics books the other day and the kids have all been itching to go through them and plan all sorts of projects....sooo with the reward of "free" reading time being dangled in front of them we are having a peaceful day of schooling. Between fits of sneezing and nose blowing and running for the cold medicine that is.

I'm trying to stay focused on the list of things that I needed to get done today but it seems like the the fever is making me too foggy to keep one thing on my mind long enough to actually walk all the way down the hall (like 14 feet) to get anything finished. I even tried writing it down but managed to lose the piece of paper somewhere along the way! I think I'll just sit still and read today myself. I started reading 1Samuel this morning and I would really like to finish it and maybe start 2Samuel by bedtime. I'm also going through Created to be His Help Meet again and would like to read some more if it today too. I really thought I would hate that book, but have really enjoyed it!

Troy and the kids finished building my bunny hutches before me and Caleb got sick so now we are ready to start raising our meat bunnies! I'm so excited....I love eat that is, I never did understand those folks who think that they make good pets. They may look "cute" but that is the extent of their usefulness outside while alive....they serve no real purpose other than to provide warm pelts and healthy food if you ask me. Besides, they taste better than chicken are are more nutritious and have less fat and cholesterol to boot!...not to mention that when butchering them you don't have to scald them and pluck the feathers and get covered in ten kinds of gross stuff before dinner.

As soon as I can I have to go buy a new keyboard for the computer. I accidentally killed mine and am now typing away on the one I stole borrowed from the boys computer. I now have a handwritten sign hanging just above my monitor that reminds me to set my coffee on the table....AWAY from the computer. Troy will probably be unbelievably happy to buy a new keyboard...he hated the old one and he had a (relatively) good reason. I had literally typed the letters off of the kidding, they had worn completely off and you couldn't use it unless you already knew where each letter was supposed to be on the keyboard....which Troy didn't. I used to tease him about being a dictator....he talked and I typed...hahahaha. Whoo, maybe I need to take my temperature again.

Anyway, I just had a couple of minutes and figured that since I wasn't doing anything else I would post a little ramble. I hope everyone is having a lovely, wonderful day!

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